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In reply to confusing questions that often arise about DNA testing.

If you lack understanding of thought-conveying words used herein look them up in wikipedia.com
I have checked to see they are available.

I have tested with 23andme, the first time privately and the second time with Penn State University labs.
The varied comparisons are across ALL 23 chromosomes.
I compare with SGGEE members whenever I can, finding I am related to some.
My maternal side 1st cousin tested and the results stated likewise even indicating it was maternal.
My son is 50% identical to me. . .  so he is mine.  :)

I work only with the results of 23andMe's spit test. 
A very comprehensive test for only a few dollars. largest database on 23 chromosomes out there regardless of the huffing and puffing you hear.
It was introduced to me by a friend, Dr. Mark Shriver PhD, head of Penn State's Anthropology/Molecular Genetics laboratory.
He uses it for deep-clade testing, SNPs testing. It is a test based on important samples from all 23 chromosomes.
It is limited, temporarily only, (in the US ??) to ancestry results only. The health portion will again be available in the future.

Of the 23 chromosomes the Y-chromosome contains clade information that remains stable and is passed from father to son through time.
Males have a Y and a X chromosome. Females have a X and a X chromosome. If females had an X and a Y chromosome they would be males.
The Y clade information is called a Haplogroup. It is a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor.

An example: 
My Y- chromosome haplogroup is: R1b1b2a1a1*
R is the clade, all characters following it are referred to as subclades.
Each sub-clade is a mutation of R.
The subclades end with *, a yet to be classified mutation. 
I refer to myself as Mother Nature's latest update to a person from Doggerland.

Seeing I also carry an X chromosome, it was tested for mitochondrial DNA which is very stable, passed from mother to mother to mother.
My mitochondrial DNA haplogroup is H1.

My 23 chromosome genetic information is compared against 31 populations worldwide to establish my ancestry composition.
The comparison is based on genetic information received from both sides of my family passing through time.
It is used to establish my maternal line.
It is used to establish my paternal line.
It is used to establish my neanderthal ancestry.
It is used to establish all of my health overview.
It is used to establish my DNA relatives.
It is used to establish my family traits.
More benefits exist beyond this- sorts, blogs, lists, etc.

All of this takes place on their secure https website as a 23andMe participant (part of the test benefits).

If any questions still linger, send me an e-letter and I will try to help. 
No obligation of any type on the behalf of either of us.
I have nothing to gain except perhaps another relative.
DNA relatives have pasts that can be analyzed. . . It points us where to look.

. . .   Otto
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