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Linda Bowen lindakbowen at cox.net
Mon Mar 16 06:09:12 PDT 2015

  I have experience with Ancestry, FTDNA , 23&Me and GEDmatch.
My sister and I tested at Ancestry and transferred to FTDNA.
My brother tested at FTDNA. We also transferred to GEDmatch.
My sister also tested at 23 & me .
Of the three services, I have found 23 & Me to be the most frustrating 
to use since their privacy controls are tight and their response rate for me
has been the lowest of the 3 sites.

So many people have tested there for reasons other than genealogy and so 
they remain anonymous and when they do , there is absolutely
no way to figure out anything about them.
With FTDNA,  most have an e-mail address  and if they don't respond, 
often there is an address  trail  that can be chased to learn about them.

On 3/16/2015 7:03 AM, Vera Miller wrote:
> David,
> Please post how your tests went with 23andme. I am mostly Russian. I have one great-grandmother who was born in Bialystok and all of her ancestry was German Lutheran from throughout Poland. I haven't had any great matches on 23andme, Family Tree DNA nor Ancestry DNA.
> Don't forget to upload your data to gedmatch.com to get matches from Ancestry DNA and Family Tree DNA.
> You can see my experience with DNA testing here-  https://lostrussianfamily.wordpress.com/category/dna-genealogy-2/
> Vera
>> From: denuma at rogers.com
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>> Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 00:50:49 -0400
>> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DNA Testing
>> Otto, thank you for the very helpful explanations, suggestions and
>> information. It’s good to hear that we (my wife and I and my sister,
>> Elizabetyh) made a good choice going with the 23andMe service.
>> My paternal Haplogroup is R1b1b2a1a2*. I trace my Neumann line back to GG
>> Grandfather Heinrich (Hynryk) Neumann  Born: 1807  In:   Kepa Sladowska,
>> Ilow, Warschau, Polen. His father was Andreas Neumann, born 1788 in Poland.
>> Heinrich’s son, Christian Neumann moved to Volhynia near Zhitomir in 1863
>> where he married Eleanore Kalash in 1864. My Grandfather married Elizabeth
>> Albrecht in Hemthal, Volhynia, but moved his family to Dawlekanowo near Ufa
>> in Russia. My father, Emil Neumann, born 1900 near Ufa, left the USSR for a
>> better life in Canada in 1929, having lived in the Zaparozhia area of
>> Ukraine  where he worked on the Hydro electric project involving the damming
>> of the Dneiper River. He left behind his mother and five siblings, after his
>> brother warned him to leave the country because his contact with German and
>> American experts on the project would put him at risk of exile or worse.
>> My maternal group is T2b4. Maternal line I have back a few generations. My
>> mother was Elizabeth Neumann (geb Kwiatkowski). My Grandmother was Hedwig
>> Lina Kwiatkowski (geb. Bauer in Werdau, Germany). Maternal GGrandmother was
>> Wilhelmine Bauer (geb. Ketzel in Möschwitz, Vogtland, Saxony). GGGrandmother
>> was Johanne G. Ketzel (geb. Seidel 1806 in Vogtland). I also have the Ketzel
>> name back to about 1530 in the Vogtland area of Saxony. My maternal
>> grandfather Franz Heinrich August Kwiatkowski was born in Neufahrwasser,
>> Danzig. His parents were Joseph and Maria Kwiatkoski (geb. Bork).
>> David E Neumann
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