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I should probably rephrase and say I haven't found any villages whose names match the spelling I have.  I have found several villages in the gazetteers that have names similar to the ones I'm looking for, Targewek, and Helendry Schelsuzkie.
The one I can't find anywhere is Gretpuin.  It's possible I'm making an assumption and Gretpuin isn't the name of a town or village.  I'm taking the information from a 1952 copy of a marriage record.  It's not the actual marriage record; it's a form with the information filled in.  The marriage was in 1861.  The groom's birthplace is listed as Targewek bei Gretpuin, and the bride's is listed as Helendry Schelsuzkie bei Gretpuin.  I took that to mean those were very small villages and Gretpuin was the closest larger town/village.  I have tried all of your gazetteers and the SGKP, and can't find anything that looks like it could be Gretpuin.
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    What are the names of the village?




    On 3/26/2015 7:51 PM, Teresa Loeffler

      Hi Gary, 


        Yes, it was the searchable index I was talking about.  Thanks
        for the explanation, and my sympathies on the problems the move
        has caused.  I didn't have any problem searching the individual
        gazetteers.  I just wanted to use the searchable index too so I
        didn't leave any stones unturned -- I have a couple of village
        names that I have yet to find anywhere. :-)





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          > Teresa


          > Thanks for joining us, and for also giving us feedback on
          our website.


          > I assume that you are talking about the searchable index
          for the scanned 

          > maps at


          > https://sggee.org/research/map_search.html


          > You are correct that this link is public, and yes, I
          noticed also that 

          > it no longer works- seems to have broken when we recently
          moved the 

          > server from Washington State to California. We are in the
          process of 

          > getting it fixed. This index is, however, only for our
          scanned maps, 

          > and is does not include the maps in the members only


          > So far as searching the gazetteers, there is no search
          engine per se, 

          > but in every browser you can use the "find" feature under
          once of the 

          > menu tabs in that browser to search for all occurrences
          of any letter 

          > combination on the web page (gazetteer) that is open.


          > We look forward to hearing of your successes when you can
          get into the 

          > members only areas of the website.


          > Gary Warner

          > SGGEE Databases Manager



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