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Thank you for this information. When I first started tracking down this family I was just happy to get their birth and death information. I am excited to understand a little bit better where they came from and the history. I think the family bible is beautiful. All I have is scans of the first four pages (these being the last two).  The handwriting is my great-great grandfather Julius Bülow 's. He was some type of minister. The bible was brought over by Friedrich (the first entry on this image) to Canada. His family has it and sent me the scans. There are four more children that aren't entered into the bible as far as I know. Thank you again to everyone who responded.
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Hi Sarah,
It's part of Rowno Parish accordingly to this:https://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/parish_histories/VolhyniaDiocese/RownoParish/RownoHist.html

By the way, such nice inscriptions in this Family Bible. Is this something your ancestors kept? I wish I had something like this on my family.
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My great-great-grandfather was born in Volhynia and then the last two children were born there as well. However, between them were four children born in what appears to be Julin Malewannaja R? Shitomir. Can anyone look at it and help me figure out where this is?


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