[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village name of Jadischke ancestor

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Robin has been helping me with tracking down my relatives in the area. It appears to me that the relatives that you are seeking who live on that Kepp may be ancestors of mine, either direct, as in great grandparents of some level or indirect as great uncles or aunts.

My relative Amalia Kopp b. 1852 d. 1932 in US.

I do not know the names of her parents, but she married John (Johan?) Drews (Drevs?), they lived in Warsaw for a couple of years and then moved back to Januszew. In all they had 14 children, about 5 of whom I have tracked to the US and have a good handle on. I don’t know who the rest are: Whom I have Amalia, Emma, Emilie, Zygmund/Siegmund/Sigmund (the youngest b. 1899) and Robert. Sigmund says there’s also a Georg (Jerzy or Adalbert?) So the missing children would have been born between around 1872-1899 and could have been born anywhere from Warsaw to Januszew, including the Kep Antoninska. John Drews was a Lutheran school teacher who later became a Lutheran Principal at a school somewhere in the Januszew region.

Please feel free to let me know the details of the persons you are looking for because it may be that our families intersect.

I’m pretty new to research in this particular region, so my apologies in advance, I’m just learning the resources and I’m not terribly skilled yet.

Lauren Gessler

Shelton, WA

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