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PolishOrigins™ Forum: “My Experience Sending Bank Wire to Przemysl Archives” plus 8 more

My Experience Sending Bank Wire to Przemysl Archives

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My Experience Sending Bank Wire to Przemysl Archives

Posted: 11 May 2015 11:32 AM PDT

                                      Author: mcdonald0517

                                      Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 1:32 pm


                                      Hi All,

I just wanted to summarize my experience using a low cost means of 
sending a bank wire to the Przemysl Archives to obtain a birth record 
for my grandfather. Please note, this is just for researchers living in 
the US who need to send a bank wire to Poland and want an inexpensive 
way to do so. Also note, this is based on my experience using a bank 
wire service one time. This is NOT an endorsement. Just a summary of my 
experience. Use such services at your own risk.

The archives in Poland wanted me to transfer via bank wire 5,00 PLN to 
their bank account in Poland. They provided me with instructions that 
included both a SWIFT/BIC number and an IBAN number to complete the wire

My bank and credit union wanted to charge me $45-$60 just to send 5,00 
PLN (which is about $1.37) - outrageous! So I began looking for a less 
expensive means to send the wire. 

I  began searching online wire transfer services, but I did not want to 
put my credit card or bank account information online. Then I discovered
 that Western Union has in-person service locations that allow you to 
pay cash for the transfer. As it turned out, my local supermarket was a 
Western Union agent. I went in person and inquired about the cost of 
sending 5,00 PLN to Poland. The total transaction would cost me $6.37 
and I could pay it in cash. If it was unsuccessful for some reason, then
 I would only lose $6.37. This seemed like a low risk option, so I 
decided to give it a try.

My next challenge was that Western Union did not have a means to include
 the SWIFT/BIC number for the transfer. According to their system, they 
only needed the IBAN number for Poland. However, the IBAN number given 
to me by the Archives was incomplete - it was missing an alphabetic 
country code indicator at the beginning of the number. So, I looked 
online and found a reference table for IBAN numbers with a list of 
country codes. The code for Poland was: PL

So, I took the risk. I went back to the Western Union agent at the 
supermarket in person and placed the bank wire using the country code PL
 in front of the IBAN number provided by the archives. It was 
successfully sent, and I paid for the transaction in cash. I was then 
given a receipt with a tracking number (MTCN #). 

I went home and sent the Przemysl archives an email telling them the 
wire was sent, and attached a digital copy of my receipt with the MTCN 
#. I waited 3 days, and then called Western Union to verify that the 
bank wire was received in Poland. It was. 

I continued to wait several more weeks (as it takes time for the 
archives to cycle back around to any communication because they are so 
busy). Finally, I received the scan of my grandfather's birth record 
from the archive.

So, my experiment using the local Western Union agent in person and 
paying cash seemed to work when transferring SMALL amounts of money to 
Poland. I recently made another research request from the Przemysl 
Archive, and when the time comes to make another bank wire, I may use 
Western Union again IF the fee charged by the archive is small. If I owe
 the archive a larger fee, I may consider going the bank route just to 
be safer in transferring larger sums of money.

I just wanted to share my experience with this forum. Again, I am NOT 
endorsing Western Union. As always, you must decide for yourself and use
 these kind of independent bank wire services at your own risk. 

Best of luck to my fellow researchers,

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> To the List,
> For those who can or are planning to read the German book Verschleppt, by
> the author L. Goertz that I recently submitted, the full name of the
> author  is  *Leon Viktor Frommhold Goertz*, a teacher from Latvia.
> Unfortunately, it does not appear that his memoirs have been translated. He
> was a history teacher and did write an academic text for students and,
> curiously, this book is not even mentioned in his bibliography. His bio is
> outlined in the link below:
> http://www.bbl-digital.de/eintrag/Goertz-Leon-Viktor-Frommhold-1856-1937/
> Helen
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