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Wow - I guess I need to pay more attention to these emails.  On my paternal greatgrandmother's ship record her last place of residence looked like Podolia, but I couldn't figure out where that was. My greatgrandfather was born in Volhynia but we have been unable to find anything about him. I think you have just given me a great resource to look for them.
Thank you!Lexi
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Many people with these names are listed in the Volhynia-Kiev-Podolia (VKP) 
database.  They lived in Rozyszcze Lutheran parish and tended to marry 
within their own group.  In order to sort them out you will need to know the 
parents' names of the groom and bride in marriage records.  Parents' names 
are not given in the VKP database but, for Rozyszcze parish only, scans of 
the full marriage records are in the AGAD Archive website at 
http://www.agad.gov.pl/inwentarze/KsEA439x.xml   The marriage records 
usually contain the dates and place of banns and the marriage, the groom's 
and bride's ages, birth places, and parents' names.  The scans cover 1862 to 
1905 with the language being German until the end of 1891 and Russian 
thereafter.  The VKP database covers only to 1895.

Dick Stein

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I am in the process of researching my family with the abovenames, and I 
believe they were from the Volhynia area. I have found somerecords, which 
show births in the following areas:

Zhitomir Parish Rozyszcze

Rozyszcze, Troscianiec, Luck

Rozyszcze Josefin

Any help would be much appreciated.



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