[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Question about family leavIng Poland for Romania c. 1840s and returning 5 yrs later ?

Marty And Corinne Arnold mcjr.arnold at sasktel.net
Sat Nov 7 22:08:22 PST 2015

Martin Hoffmann 1817 and wife Anna Christine Dreger 1811 had son Ludwig 1838 in jozefowo, Poland then  2 children Wilhelm  1841 and Anna Christine 1843  born in Temeswar, Timisoara, Romania.  Then the rest of the family was born in Poland after 1845.  These places must be about 1000 miles apart? Was there a railroad line down this way.  Any ideas what might have prompted this short term migration.  More land? Better politics? Have other researchers seen something similar. My first thought was it was a mistake, but thinking they may be an explanation,  would love to hear other thoughts or similar experiences.
Sincerely, Corinne Arnold

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