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To the List,

I have two calendars remaining if someone is interested - for a donation of
$25 to SGGEE.


Helen Gillespie

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To the List -

After the SGGEE convention in Gatineau, Quebec in August there were *a
limited number *of Wolhynian calendars left.

An exhibition of Wolhynian photographer Ernst Stewner's photographs was
held in the Kulturzentrum ZAMEK in Posen in 2014.
His son, Dr, Frank Stewner, who is a longtime member of SGGEE, arranged for
the publication of the calendar and made them available to SGGEE.

It was suggested that members might wish to obtain a calendar for a
donation ($20-$25 was suggested at the Convention) plus extra to cover
postage. Donation monies would go towards further digitisation costs.  The
cost of postage from Ottawa, Canada, where I live, to several western
locations in Canada cost about $15 Cdn. because it is based on the postage
for a parcel:  the distance, the size and weight of the calendar. The
measurements are approx. 11" x 17".   I do not have postage info to the USA
or elsewhere.

The calendar includes some striking portraits of Wolhynian people and their
home  - mostly from the *Kolonie of Toptscha (Topcza) *-  including a
windmill, a farmhouse threshing, stooking wheat sheaves, working a pottery
wheel, a woman weaving on a loom, men using a long saw to cut lumber -
vertically , etc.- real Images from the lives of our ancestors. A quick
search in SGGEE's Master Pedigree Database finds a large number of entries
for Topcza/Toptsche as the birth or death place. So perhaps some relatives
pictured here?

The calendar is on heavy matte stock paper. Text is in German, Polish and
Ukrainian describing the photo. The photos are sepia-toned and are about
11 1/2" x 11 1/2" (30cm x30 cm.) and would be lovely framed, especially the
portraits of the people.
The calendar has the photos and month on one side only making it truly a
collector's piece if the photos were framed.

The website of the Herder Institute shows a few of the photos from
Stewner's exhibition:
with a link to more photographs, a sampling of which are in the calendar.
If anyone is interested in purchasing a calendar, please contact me.


Helen Gillespie

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