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Mon Oct 5 22:31:12 PDT 2015


Not sure why I had to retrieve your message from my spam folder, but it 
is the reason my response is slow.

Yes, there is a problem with the VKP database.   Looks like it somehow 
got partially sorted at some point, and then data was added to it 
after.   I must have done it, but not sure how.  Anyway, it does not 
seem possible to unravel it, so I am going to have to recreate it from 
the original files that were used to create it. It will be a tedious 
process, since there have been a lot of changes to the VKP since the 
original files were put into it.   The database appears to be correct 
from left to right up to but not including the film number.   All data 
from the film number to the right is out of order.    My plan is to 
compare the data to the left of the film number to the original files, 
and add the correct data from the film number to the right.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

On 10/5/2015 10:32 AM, Irene König wrote:
> Is there anyone else who has seen errors regarding birth entries in 
> the Volhynia database? Film/Item, Page Number and Register for the 
> entries are not correct, however birthdates and names of parents are.
> As an example I'll take *Rinas, Bertha, born 1898*. Doing a search you 
> will have two results.
> The first one says her birth entry is on film 2380025/1886, page C, 
> #40. The second indicates film 1884114-1/1872, page 418, #2.
> Both are wrong, of course. A birth occuring in 1898 is not recorded in 
> 1872, nor in 1886. The entry is found in 1899, page 1, #1.
> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%2024/pages/PL_1_439_24_0002.htm 
> Obviously, there is something going wrong with the database. Please 
> have a look at it.
> Irene König
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