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I hope you don't mind my interjecting some additional information regarding
the book that Helen mentioned.

It is considered a rare book, and copies are available online for $350
(YIKES!).  I did notice that there is an almost new copy on eBay for $70
plus shipping.  If this is something that you would like to have in your
genealogy library, you might want to consider looking for a copy online that
you can purchase.

I frequently found information in a book called Freeway West because it had
a lot of information about family members that moved to Alberta.  One day I
saw there was a copy of the book available on my favorite used book site
(Better World Books), and I snatched it up!

Just a thought....

Beth Burke
Verona, Wi

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Christoph, et al,

May I suggest you try and locate a copy of the following book - or at least
have someone check the book for info on the Mantei family.  Library and
Archives Canada does not do interlibrary loan anymore.  Copies are held at
University of Saskatchewan at Regina and Saskatoon and very likely in more
local public libraries.  A search on the internet did not locate a digitized
copy, nor is there one in www.ourroots.ca which has MANY other town and
regional histories.

*Pages from the past : history of Lemberg and district
PUBLISHER: Lemberg, Sask. : Lemberg and District History Book  1990 and
republished 1994*

You could contact the Library in Lemberg and ask if there is information on
the Mantei family in the book and ask for copies of the pages.  They would
be able to supply a certain number of pages.  (NOTE:  Library and Archives
Canada does this also )

Here is contact info :
Lemberg Public Library
*Mail:* Box 339 Lemberg, Sask. S0A2B0
* Tel:* (306) 335-2267

*E-mail <lemberg.lib at sasktel.net>
<http://parklandlibrary.ca/parkland/contact-us>  (this is a central contact
email)Website <http://parklandlibrary.ca/>*  http://parklandlibrary.ca/
*Contact:* Sandy Osiowy - Lemberg Branch Librarian

You might also want to check out this website on Lemberg genealogy:

Hope some of this helps.

PS  There is a Mantai in my family also, but very distantly and shirttail
(My grandmother Alwine Baier Bethke's Uncle Adolf Baier (lived in Benton
Harbor, MI area) - his ex-wife Caroline Brenner's mother was Pauline Mantai
(died during the Flucht during the War)

Good luck!

Helen Gillespie


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Daniel MANTEI was one of my distantly related ancestors so

I would like to ask the members for help to complete the data of this

Daniel MANTEI * ....... Nov 1891 in ......... Manitoba + ........... 1933 in
Lemberg Saskatchewan

married on Dez 1915 in R.M. Hanover, Manitoba

Helene ( Elena ) STREICH * ....... 1892 in Russia + .... 1981 in

Did they have any kids ???

Thks for your help

Christoph Mantey
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