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Mon Oct 5 19:42:09 PDT 2015

Dear Listers,

I am posting information on behalf of members of the Handwerker family 
who hope that someone may have family stories about the fate of Ludwig 
Handwerker. --Sigrid Pohl Perry

The granddaughters of Ludwig Handwerker want to find out what happened 
to him. He was born in Zawada, Lubartow, Lubelskie, Poland on 19 Nov 
1871 to Adam Handwerker & Rosalie Schultz. In 1885 he married Emilie 
Mueller in Karlswalde Kol. (Holendry Slobodzkie/Prykordonne), Ostroh, 
Rivne, Ukraine (near Ostrog, Volhynia). Her parents were Ludwig Mueller 
& Julianna Handwerker. After living in Jadwonin near Karlswalde, they 
lived in Natalija Kol., Berezno, Kostopol (Berezne, Rivne, Ukraine).

Ludwig Handwerker traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1911 and later 
returned to Volhynia. On 9 April 1914 he left Hamburg, Germany and 
sailed on the Bulgaria, arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 25 April 
1914. The passenger list included Ludwig, August Weis, also from 
Natalija (aka Natalien) and Wilhelm Best from Dolganiz, Volhynia, going 
to Edmonton, Alberta. Ludwig left his family in Volhynia, intending to 
return for them. In November 1915 he crossed the border at Neche, North 
Dakota; his last residence was in Jensen, Saskatchewan and his 
destination was Bemidji, Minnesota. His wife’s sister Wanda Mueller who 
married Daniel Krause lived in Jensen, Saskatchewan. There is no trace 
of Ludwig after this 1915 border crossing.

Ludwig Handwerker’s siblings included Johann (b. 1866 Karlshof (Karolew, 
Lowicz, Lodzkie, Poland), Emilie (b. 1874 Zawada), Elisabeth (b. 1878 
Zawada). His wife Emilie died in Germany in 1952. His daughter Wanda 
married Reinhold Jung and that family immigrated to the US in 1951.

If anyone has information about the final resting place of Ludwig 
Handwerker, please email Selma Henning: selma19 at charter.net

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