[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Herrmann Ludwig Nixdorf v Ludwig Nixdorf marriage records

Randy Svenson randy_svenson at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 12 08:10:12 PDT 2015

I am searching for the marriage records for Herrmann Ludwig Nixdorf and Ludwig Nixdorf.  These two gentlemen appear to be two separate individuals, both married twice, both living and having children in the same area, with only a slight difference in times.  There is some confusion in the family tree on these two.  Herrmann Ludwig is my great-great grandfather.  The information that I have is from Family Search microfilms are as follows:
Sep 16, 1870  Ludwig Nixdorf marries Henriette Dreschko at ZhitomirFamily Search microfilm (FSm) 1884113/1 page 240  entry 83
Sep 22, 1875  Herrmann Ludwig marries Auguste Krueger at ZhitomirFSm 1884065/2  page 470  entry 149
These marriages are probably in Zhitomir Parrish and actually took place at or near Mariendorf.
Ludwig birthdate is unknown.  His first wife (perhaps first wife) was Auguste Zug, marriage date unknown.  They had their first child (known of) in 1862.
Herrmann Ludwig's marriage is in the Odessa file as Kildorf, but in the microfilm is clearly Nixdorf.  Herrmann Ludwig's birthdate is targeted as 1855, with different data pointing from 1852 to 1858.
Both use Auguste and Mathilde liberally in naming their female children.
I am trying to make the connection between Ludwig and Herrmann Ludwig, if any at all, and positively clear up the confusion.  The Family Search microfilms are of the St Petersburg file duplicates and have only the information that I have listed.  Would anyone have or know where to find, should they still exist, the original church book entries for the above two marriages.  The originals may contain for information.
Thank you. Randy   

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