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To follow up on Amy and Rose's response, the birth registration is actually
a LATE registration for Michael Timm's birth in 1935 - a late birth
registration sworn to by an uncle Gustav Fiedler that he was in the home at
the time of the birth and that the father was deceased.  Note also that if
Gustav Fiedler Sr. is 38 years older than the child (in 1935), he too would
have been a child. The 1901 census for Humberstone Township, County of
Welland in Ontario shows both Bartz and Fiedler families and there are two
Gustave Fiedlers:  father and son aged  40 and 9. So in 1899, he would have
been 7.


Gustave Fiedler Jr. was born in 1891 and his mother's maiden name was Bartz:
so they are related by marriage.

In searching for a marriage of Louisa Bartz and Michael Timm, I found:
curiously, a *Louisa Bartz of Buffalo and a Sidney Leonard Reilly also of
Buffalo *were married in TORONTO, Ontario, Canada in *1911*.  She is aged
25. (in 1899 she would have been about 13) Note the unusual disclaimer re
their marriage in Toronto rather than in Buffalo. (Buffalo is about 160 km
or 100 miles from Toronto.) Her father is listed as Fred Bartz.  Louisa and
her Bartz family are found in the *1900* US census in Buffalo where she is
listed as age 14.   But no baby Michael.  A teenage mother? Did she give
him away?



Is this Louisa Bartz who married Sidney Reilly in 1911 perhaps the mother
of Michael Timm?


  > On Oct 12, 2015, at 4:53 AM, "ilonatimm at t-online.de" <
ilonatimm at t-online.de> wrote:
  > Hello,
  > who can help me?
  > I'm searching the death record of Michael Timm, died in September 1899
  > in Buffalo. The wife was Ludowika / Louise, born Bartz.
  > By Michael Timm and his wife Louise, I'm still looking for the birth
  > registration of the child Michael Heinrich Timm in December 1899
  > Baptism also in December 1899. The birth is hard to read, Humberstone
  > could be near to Buffalo.
  > If the data is perhaps online? Where can I find them?
  > Many thanks for the help.
  > Ilona Timm

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