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I'm not sure whether this will help or only mislead, but there is scanty 
information about a Johann Freigang (born in Dombie in 1845) and his brother 
Samuel in my article about Volhynian Baptists in St. Paul, MN in the June, 
2008 SGGEE Journal at notes 9 and 22.  Edith (Krebs) Riske provided this 
information to me.  Her mother-in-law was Lydia (Freigang) Riske, a daughter 
of Johann Freigang. The Krebs, Riske and Freigang families lived at one time 
in Novo Rudnia, Volhynia, moved to West Prussia in 1906 and a few of their 
members made appearances in St. Paul.  Whether any of them were related to 
Tammy Jochman's Gustav Freigang, I cannot say, but Dombie and St. Paul enter 
into both stories.

Dick Benert

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According to the US Naturalization paperwork,  Gustav's birthdate is 24 
March 1867 born in "Dombie/Dombea, Russia now Poland".

Gustav's 1st wife, Johanna Caroline Zwar, seems to have a brother, Johann 
Zwar, who married a Karoline Freigang. The July 1891 marriage record #217 is 
in the ROZ records. The parents of Karoline are Ludwig Freigang & Wilhelmina 
Friske(?). I am uncertain what the relationship between Karoline & Gustav 
is. Johann Zwar came to the US with two of his older children and lived in 
St. Paul, MN. Karoline stayed behind. I have not found any records to 
indicate if she ever made it to the US. Johann Zwar listed Gustav as his 
brother-in-law on the passenger list but that doesn't help much since he 
could be on both or either side of the family. Johanna's father is listed as 
Charles on the index of her death record in Washington State. Johann's 
marriage record indicates his parents were Karl Zwar and Juliana Friske(?).

Tammy Jochman

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  It could be interesting to know who provided Gustav Freigang's birth data 
and what source he (or she) was using, because his birth is not registered 
in the Lutheran parish of Dabie.  Therefore, I think that he was either not 
born in Dabie, or that he was born at a different date.  Whichever the case 
is, you will probably not be able to find out about his ancestry without his 
birth certificate, which would give you the names of his parents.  The 
marriage record with his first wife could also be helpful.

  Jan Textor

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  > Gustav Freigang was born 24 March 1867 in Dabie, Kreise Kolo, Poland, 
and died in Tacoma, Wash. in February 1967. He was a Baptist pastor in 
Kolowert, Poland 1906 to 1910. He later served in Horoschki, where several 
children were born. To the United States on the Main, from Bremen, 24 May 
  > Minnie Bunkowski went through Ellis Island 14 October 1923. Married Rev. 
Gustav Freigang on 8 Oct 1930 in Chicago. Died in Tacoma 3 Mar 1948. She had 
sons Emanuel in Seattle and Eugene of Tacoma, as well as two step-daughters.
  > Dave
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  > Hello,
  > Does anyone know the ancestry of Rev. Gustav L. Freigang (1867-1967)?
  > He served the Baptist Church in Kolowert 1907-1909. In 1913, he 
immigrated to the US. He served as a pastor in Turtle Lake, North Dakota and 
Tacoma, Washington.
  > His 1st wife was Johanna "Caroline" Zwar and later he married Minnie 
Bunkowski/ Bunkovsky.
  > My grandmother's 95yr old cousin believes she is Gustav's grandniece. 
She remembers meeting him once.
  > Her paternal grandmother is Juliane/ Julia Kadak nee Freigang. Julia 
emmigrated to America at the age of 63 in March 1926.
  > On the passenger list, Julia listed a sister, Ernestine (Freigang) 
Zurowski of Neudorf, as her closest relative.
  > Thank You for any help you can give regarding the ancestry of Rev. 
Gustave Freigang.
  > Tammy Jochman
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