[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] location of a Novo Pavlovka in western Ukraine

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I don't know if this helps or muddies the waters.

On one of Jerry Frank's maps for Rowno Parish (E-4) there is a Pawlowka Nowa
Northeast of a Marjanowka on the Horyn River.  

The Marjanowka in Tuczyn parish next to Tuczyn may not be the correct one as
it seems that name was used in many places.

There is also a Polonowka Nowe southeast of a Marjanowka in Rowno Parish on
the same map but that seems like a less likely match.


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My maternal grandparents family members consistently record their dwelling
place in Eastern Europe as Marjanowka, Rowne, Poland. My grandmother says
she was married in Tuchin, Poland (which is nearby according to maps).
However, she says she was born in Novo Pavlovka, Poland, and that her eldest
daughter was born in Novo Pavlovka also. But, I have been unable to find a
Novo Pavlovka near Rowne in either new or old maps of the area. Is anyone
familiar with this village?
Sandra Braun

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