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Helen's mention of the treatment of Germans during the World Wars reminded 
me of a very interesting book I've run into recently called "Germans as 
Minorities during the First World War. A Global Perspective," ed. by Panikos 
Panayi, (Surrey, Ashgate Publishing, 2014).  It deals with what happened to 
Germans in Britain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, the shores of the Aegean, North 
and South America, South Africa, East Africa and New Zealand.  The 
similarities in attitudes towards Germans are striking.  Highly recommended!

Dick Benert

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An interesting story about the German populace in USA and generally North
America.  Similar treatments of Germans in Canada took place during the
First and Second World Wars.  Austrians were affected in the First. There
were internment camps in many places in the Canadian West.

Anyone interested, I have links to internment camp info.


*Subject:* *NYTimes: Whatever Happened to German America?*

>From The New York Times:

OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR: Whatever Happened to German America?

The country’s largest national ethnic group completely disappeared from its

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