[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] KANWISCHER (Lodz area)

Manfred Hensel manfred.hensel at koeln.de
Sat Apr 2 17:09:15 PDT 2016

Hello fellow researchers,
I´m new to the list.

My research covers the area and villages around Lodz, Konstantinow,
Tomaszow and Piotrokow,
the time between 1835 and 1915 (maybe 1685 to 1835 too)
and family names KANWISCHER, BEBEL (BÖBEL), ROCH, SAMPERT and some other.

A very short overview:

Ludwig KANWISCHER (b 1840 in Pawlikowice / Pabianice)
(father: Gottfried, mother: Julianne OR Henriette OR whatsoever HOFFMANN)
married to (in 1862 in Drzazgowa Wola, a small  village south-east of
Auguste Emilie ROCH
(Emilie ROCH was born in 1846 in Podolia, while her parents (Moritz ROCH
and Marianne SAMPERT)
stayed there between 1841 and 1860, members of ROCH and SAMPERT family
may have stayed there
or may have moved further to South Russia or abroad).

The known children:
1. Eduard Wilhelm (b 1864 in Drzazgowa Wola)
(married to Ernestine WÖLFLE in 1889, children known, no further
informations about their further life)

2. Josef (b 1870, unsure, no more informations)

3. Wilhelm Robert (b 1873 in Drzazgowa Wola)
(married to Rosina BRUST in 1898, children known, no further
informations about their further life)

4. Julius (b 1875 in Drzazgowa Wola, my Greatgrandfather, d 1954)
(married to Olga BÖBEL in 1901,  12 children between 1902 and 1924,
grandmother Wanda was the 4th.)

5. Johann (b 1877 in Drzazgowa Wola, d 1888 in Binkow / Belchatow)

6. Karl (b 1886 in Binkow / Belchatow, d 1907)

about the time before 1840 I do have a lot of hints and even facts
concerning KANWISCHER pointing to the north
from Lodz to Posen, but just around 1835-1840 there is big whole, some
dates, which do not fit together because
the one or the other must be faulty.

My Greatgrandfather Julius moved from Lodz area to Brandenburg with his
family in around 1915 because of
the lack of employment and bad perspective in Poland.
This family, with most of the BEBEL, the parents-in-law and the
has been the only KANWISCHER moving from Lodz before 1945 as I know.

Even I do not have any evidence that other KANWISCHER may have left this
said area
I do not have any clue about KANWISCHERs after the above described time
except the above mentioned
Julius family.
I would like to get contact to other researchers preferable with
KANWISCHER relations from the
said area.


Manfred Hensel
51107 Köln

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