[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 1862 Mariage: Ludwig Kanwischer Hoffmann & Emilia Roch> Her mother was a Sampert

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Am 03.04.2016 um 05:12 schrieb Robin Paul:
> You may already know about the website 
> http://geneteka.genealodzy.pl/
yes, you are right.
I´m dealing with this database already some years and it is without any
doubt a very useful collection.
But one should keep in mind:
the index is far away from being complete, it doesn´cover all records
which are online accessable, and
the index contains errors because it is handmade and the handwriting is
sometimes "challenging"in a lot of records.
(who is looking for "SAMPERT" should also look for "LAMPERT" because of
a special old german writing of
the leading "S").
This is absolutely no criticism, it is a huge work, a lot of volunteers
are doing, mostly polish people.

Not knowing the said limitations causes following danger:
looking for a family name without any hit could cause the opinion, that
on have to look for somewhere else,
but on the other hand getting one or some more hits could even cause the
opinion: ok, that´s all, no more relations.
Both can be wrong.
Just now, since some days I´m looking through the records of "Pabianice 
evang." Births 1870-1879, 1880-1889,
all in kyrillic letters, no name index at the end of each year and no
entry in "geneteka", but luckily each year
one or two KANWISCHER children and some more with KANWISCHER as mothers
The same matter with some years of Lodz Trinitatis Church and some more.

Your hint on "ROCH, Moritz" is correct.
The daughter "Auguste Emilie" is my greatgreatgrandmother, the wife of

The mother of August Moritz was Friederike THIERFELD(b 1786, d
15.01.1842 Tomaszow),
the father Johann August ROCH (b 27.March 1786, d 02.May 1853 Tomaszow).
Marriage on 26.Nov. 1809 in Friedrichstadt / Dresden.
The origin of this family is nearby Dresden in Kingdom Saxonia, I´m back
till 1749 (Johann Christoph ROCH).

The origin of SAMPERT (SAMPER) is North Bohemia, I´m back till ~1686


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