[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] A mystery to solve?

Marilyn Bowker positivechanges.bowker at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 18:36:22 PDT 2016

Hello all:

I am wanting to check out the veracity of one of our family stories.    My grandfather, Christian Langner/Langer, told his son the story of leaving Volhynia in 1912 in the company of about 400 other young German men who did not wish to be called (or in his case, recalled) to the Russian army.     As he told the tale, these young men were helped by a Jewish organization, who may have provided them with passports.   My grandfather’s passport - of which I have a translated copy - was issued 13 February 1912, Gorodnitsky District.      The group walked across Europe and boarded ships to North America.    My grandfather arrived on the ship Saturnia 18 April 1912 (last port of call Glasgow on April 6th).

I have read many of the historical accounts of Volhynia and I have never seen mention of this walk.   It seems to me it would have been noteworthy!    I wonder if any of you have heard of this event?

Thank you for your thoughts.


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