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To the List:

A book about Germans in America ca. 1901:

Chicago und sein Deutschtum  (Chicago and its Germans) published 1901
- half the book has bios of German people - index from page

Maybe you'll find an ancestor....

Some more Archive.org treasures!

*Die deutschen ansiedlungen in Russland *(The German Settlements in
Russia)  authored by *Friedrich Mattai* *in 1866 *(probably published just
as more Germans were moving to Russia!) and published in Leipzig has also
been digitized.  The Wolhynian section is from pages 54-55 (using the
bottom line). (p. 34-36 in the actual text)/  As the entire book is
digitised, including the cover and inside flaps, the pagination isn't the
same.  *The text is in Fraktur. *   I am curious about the "Kolonie
Namenlos" which has 39 people.  It means "a nameless colony".  Would be
interesting to know if it ever was given a name.  It has close to 400
pages, but  provides some great insight into how our ancestors lived.  But
it is a slog to read....

This is the title page

The book is divided into 2 sections:  the first includes the St. Petersburg
and Moscow Consistories - history, parishes, the different colonies in
these areas.  The other consistories are also covered. The list of some of
the St. Petersburg settlements/villages cite the numbers of residents and
school age children - sadly no names - but it would give you an idea of the
size of the village and the numbers of inhabitants as of this date.


Section 2 has 5 chapters - the first covers the lives of the Germans in
their colonies: farming, homes, industry, school, church; the second covers
the future of the colonies in the various regions of Russia; the 3rd, the
practical implementation of immigration to these colonies, choosing land,
planning, etc.; the 4th on immigration of workers; the 5th on private land
and Pachtland (long term lease) acquisition.

Am not sure I sent this previously - also from the Archive.org digitized
Die Ostprovinzen des alten Polenreichs (Lithauen u. Weissruthenien, die
Landschaft Chelm - Ostgalizien - die Ukraina)
by Wasilewski, Leon, 1870-1936


Found this newer book which may be of interest to those whose ancestors
went to the American West.  Perhaps a copy is avlb by interlibrary loan
from a US library.

Originally written as a Master's Thesis in German in 1997 as
*Deutsche in Russland und Russlanddeutsche in den USA (1871-1928) : die
politische, sozio-ökonomische und ... in den Jahren 1763 bis 1862
(Stuttgart, 1974), einer eigenen Jurisdiktion der künftigen deutschen
Siedlungen in Rußland.*

It's been translated!

*From the Russian Empire to the American West: Germans in Russia and
Russian-Germans in the US, 1871-1928*
Author  Susanne Janssen
Translated by Jessica Heilman
Publisher  Monterey Institute of International Studies  2002
Length  86 pages

Happy hunting/reading,

Helen Gillespie

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