[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Official Journal of the Volyn Region (Dziennik Urzędowy Województwa Wołyńskiego)

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Sat Apr 16 08:37:22 PDT 2016

To the list,

More poking about on the Net...

Sadly I do not read Polish - I wish!  -  however,  I found a digitized 1931
edition of the Wołyński Dziennik Wojewódzki   (Volyn Regional Journal)
that had a list of village names from the Rowno/Tuczyn area.  It seems to
relate to :
http://jbc.bj.uj.edu.pl/dlibra/plain-content?id=85682   *on page 6 *is a *list
of some of the villages and their associated municipalities having some
administrative import (including the proper spelling, I presume, well, at
least in Polish.  )  *Now I know the proper spellings of my families' birth
villages and their gminy and powiaty (municipality and county.)  My parents
were born in 1925 so this was useful as their country of birth was Poland
between the wars
*.* <http://jbc.bj.uj.edu.pl/dlibra/publication/41063>
It loads slowly.....

Another digitized Official Journal  from 1928-1939  Wołyński Dziennik
Wojewódzki   (Volyn Regional Journal)  :

Click on the red wording under the image of the text


 Another digitized Polish Journal from the Jagiellonian Digital Library.
The Journal, entitled  *Dziennik Urzędowy Województwa Wołyńskiego*
(Official Journal Of The Volyn Province)   dates from 1922-1928

Click on the red wording under the image of the text

Helen Gillespie

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