[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wendland / Deter from Adriivka, Olewsk, Shytomyr

paul wisch p.wischnewski at hotmail.de
Tue Apr 19 00:06:14 PDT 2016

Hallo,im currently searching for the names of Wendland and Deter from Andriivka near Olewsk.My grandmother was born in Andriivka in 1925 to Augusta Deter and Reinhold Wendland both born 1888.We have a writing of their marriage certificate, wich states that they married in 1918 in Twer, and both were 30 at that time.From that we also only know the fathers of Augusta and Reinhold, wich were Jakob Deter and Gustav Wendland.So im on search for the mothers of the both, until now without results. I had checked some parishes from Volhynia without specific result..Maybe some of you could help me on where to i should check next.best regardsPaul Wischnewski 		 	   		  

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