[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] What was the German Embassy for Volhynia?

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Wed Apr 20 02:44:15 PDT 2016

 Hello Mauricio,

      There's a letter written by my great-great grandfather,
 he talks about making a trip in 1865 to the Prussian consul
 in Akkerman on the Black Sea, to get a "Schutzschein" confirming
 that he was still a Prussian citizen. The whole letter is in the
 Sept 2013 issue of the SGGEE journal.

     Akkerman is now Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky. I don't know if there
 are any consular records surviving - and if there are, whether
 they are in Germany, or in Ukraine.

             Paul Rakow

On Wed, April 20, 2016 04:35, Mauricio Norenberg wrote:
> Hi list
> I would imagine that a few or many Germans who wanted to maintain a
> connection to Germany would contact\report to a nearby German Embassy or
> Consulate.
> After the unification in 1870, all Germans living outside Germany were
> required to register (Matrikel) to their conuslate\embassy every 10 years
> in order to maintain their citizenhip and I'm sure many of them, aware of
>  the law, would have done so.
> Many embassies keep an archive of their Matrikel to this day, at least
> this is true for the German Embassy in Brazil which can do lookups on
> these archives. This could be a good source of genealogical information.
> For the specific settlers in Volhynia, what was their "official" Embassy?
>  Kiev? Moscow? A Polish one?
> I'd like to know more specifically between 1870 and 1913 but I can't find
>  any information about that.
> Regards
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