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Thu Aug 11 08:16:46 PDT 2016

To the list -

Very hot in my part of Canada so it's good to browse the Net for
interesting stuff .....

1)  A Parks Canada and provincial/territorial heritage partnership for
historic sites in Canada.  There are over a thousand for Alberta, over 900
for Saskatchewan and over 800 for Manitoba. and over 2000 for BC.  A
searchable database.with great detail about the location and the
surrounding area.  (who knew that a long abandoned schoolyard near Cupar,
SK, where I was born, is a historic site?)  May you can find your family's
home from back in the day.

http://www.historicplaces.ca/ <http://heimat-der-vorfahren.de>

2)  The following link is a Forum for those whose ancestors came from Lower
Upper-Silesia, Newmark (includes Brandenburg area), Pommerania, Posen, and
Western East Prussia.  It is in German however.


Click on the link just above the word Portal  and it takes you to the
various sections - links to other specific sites in the above research
areas. SUCHE (search) requests - and replies - and most importantly
possible LINKS to areas where you are searching.  There is a section at the
bottom for English and Russian queries - and responses but not many so
far.  Their members are just as helpful as ours!

3)  A copy of the  Verordnungsblatt (Statutory order or Regulations) issued
in 1943 for the Polish to German name changes upon the resettlement to
Warthegau area dated May 18, 1943.
Anordnung über Ortsnamenänderung im Reichsgau Wartheland
<http://www.gross-wartenberg.de/vob/vob.pdf> im Verordnungsblatt des
Reichstatthalters im Warthegau   <https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warthegau>

4) and another Canadian item.   Library and Archives Canada has many
records and photos from the Canadian West.  Curiously, they have
microfilmed the
Evangelical Lutheran Church fonds from Neudorf, Saskatchewan which also
includes  registers and minutes of Zion Lutheran Church of Neudorf,
1898-1963; minutes of St. John's Lutheran Church, Killaly, 1920-1968,
minutes of St. John's Lutheran Church of Rosewood, 1911-1958; and the
register of Zion Reformed Church of Neudorf, 1923-1957.  It is on a
microfilm but the ORIGINALS are with the Church itself.
in  http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/pam_archives/index.php?

So, I typed in the name of the Church in Google and lo and behold, it still
exists and contact information can be found if this is a church you need
info from.

5)  From Facebook, a Russian German International group, focussing more on
the Volga side, but with links to other countries.  The best part is the
list of documents researchers have posted, covering a multitude of
subjects.  If you just want the FB page

To find the documents click on Files - or follow this link.

Am sure this has been the longest, hottest summer ever......


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