[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Chodecz intrigue

Beatrix Hughes beatrix.hughes at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 17:56:14 PDT 2016

The last few weeks I've been looking through the online Chodecz records. I
was curious about the two pastors mentioned in the records - Pastor
Freymark and Pastor Ortmann. Pastor Ortmann served there for a very long
time.  I found a short write up about him in Eduard Kneifel's "Die Pastoren
der Evangelisch-Augsburgischen Kirche in Polen. This is the entry:

Ortmann, Georg Heinrich

Im Dorfe Ebenheim Herzogtum Gotha, am 12 Februar 1789 geboren; ordin am
Trinitatisfest 1814 in der Augusterkirche zu Gotha; Lehrer am Gymnasium in
Bromberg 1815-1816, Pfarrer in Chodecz 1817-1849. Wie Sup Boerner, Plozk
dem Konsistorium berichtete, starb Ortmann am 22 Mai 1849 "in meiner
Gegenwart nach funftaegiger Schwaeche". Verh. Sein Sohn Theodor war
Gemeindekantor in Chodecz (gest. 1848). Eine Tochter bereitete Pfarrer
Ortmann viel Arger und Verdruss.

I'm very intrigued by the last sentence. It seems like a strange comment to
make especially since Mr Kneifel wrote this article in the 1960s. I can't
help wonder what this girl was doing to get a mention of her behaviour more
than 100 years later. Was she a criminal, a revolutionary, a feminist? Is
anyone here related to the Ortmann family? Perhaps the legend was passed
down to the younger generations. If anyone has any ideas where to look for
information I would really appreciate it.

Georg Hein

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