[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] villages which no longer exist !

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 30 16:38:23 PST 2016

Message for Frank and other readers asking about villages which no longer exist. 

Please read the story " NEVER SAY NEVER " in the December issue of the SGGEE. " JOURNAL " 

Here the author wrote about the main village of Putomyty, district of Horochow, ( close to the city of Lutsk ) as well as two close to the main village of Pustomyty located colonies, ( before 1945 ) which were Pustomyty Colony #1 and Pustomyty Colony # 2. Both colonies were not that large, maybe 5 - 10 settlers and mostly, if not all, German settlers Both colonies just disappeared during or shortly after WW II.. when the inhabitants were resettled throughout the Warthegau region and further on in Germany 
Peter von Lipinsky 

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