[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 2 Erhard Fennings?

kitchur at mymts.net kitchur at mymts.net
Fri Feb 5 13:53:39 PST 2016

It would appear that SGGEE has 2 Erhard Fennig's -one of which is my grandfather. We always celebrated his birthday as 19 Oct so I would believe that 
the one born in 1892 would be him 
the link is 
and then search for Fennig 

Pfennig Erhard - 19 Oct 1892 in Wiszniow near Poddebce, Luck - parents Carl Pfennig and Mathilde Reetz - film/item 2380022/1892 page 1 register 1202 

the other listed as 
Fennig Erhard 5 Dec 1881 in Wischniow - parents Carl Pfennig and Mathilde Raetz - film 2380020/1887 page 223 register 1797 

I live in an area that has no access for me to order fiche film to see if these are different Erhard's or if one is an error 
Does anyone here by any chance has access to these? 
I would love to solve the puzzle. 

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