[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lutheran Church in Lviv/Lemberg

Carolyn Schott cgschott at comcast.net
Sat Feb 6 15:53:07 PST 2016

Does anyone know if there was a Lutheran church in Lemberg/Lviv in the early

I have a 7-year gap (1809-1816) between when my Schott family left Germany
and ended up in Neudorf/Glueckstal. I have a hypothesis that they were in
Lemberg during that time because they arrived in Neudorf with another family
that said they came from Lemberg.

The only church records I found on FamilySearch were for a Catholic church.
I went through those, but didn't find the child born in 1811 there. So I'm
just wondering if maybe there really WAS a Lutheran church there and
FamilySearch just doesn't have those records. (Of course, my hypothesis
could also be wrong.)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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