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Eveline Tiefenbach liebeemmi at aol.com
Mon Feb 8 23:26:42 PST 2016

Hello to the list

I am looking for more info to Afolph Richter *2 Nov 1870 in Karolow, Warschau or Huschtsche, Rozyszcze Parish, (if birth place is correct) +unknown, and Matilda Runke *9 Jul 1875 in Mariendorf, +unknown. married 19 Apr 1892 in Sophiewka, Wladimir-Wolynsk, Russia, Matilda was 16 yrs and Adolph 21 yrs. (I had there marrriage records, but had a computer crash and all data was lost)

Chidren found on Sggee are.

Christoph Richter *31 Jul 1894
Reinhold Richter *9 Jun 1895
Pauline RICHTER *13 Okt 1896 (seeking more info on her, that in her EWZ she gives her mother as Matilda, father name is not given, on Sggee site the                                                        only Matilda married to a Richter is Matilda Runke)
Bertha Richter *20 Okt 1897

also looking for more info on Adolph and Matilda children and data to Adolph Richter and Matilda Runke as well there parents. Wilhelm Richter and Julianne Schumann + David Runke and Caroline Fitz (e).

On Ancestry it is shown that David Runke and Caroline Fitz (e) arrive 4 Okt 1905 in Montreal, Quebec

August Runke *1872 in Volhynia, +Bay City, Bay, Michigan, USA
Matilda Runke *9 Jul 1875 in Mariendorf, +unknown 
Wilhelmina Runke *19 Okt 1878 in Volhynia, +2 Jun 1963 in Germany
Adolph Runke *22 Sep 1880 in Marynkow, +28 Feb 1974 in Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin 
Edward David Runke *14 Mai 1883 in Volhynia, +23 Jun 1969 in Rainy, River, Ontario, Canada
Natalia Runke *ca. 1887 in Volhynia, +31 Jul 1956 in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
Bertha Runke *8 Sep 1889 in Dombrow, +unknown
Julius Runke *Korablew, Petrikau, Mariendorf

Is this data correct as of children

Any help is apprecaited
Best Regards
Eveline Tiefenbach

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