[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Baptism in Russian, trying to identify town

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Fri Feb 12 00:08:06 PST 2016

Hi everyone

I am trying to find the village or location where this person was born or

If anyone feels like a challenge and want to decipher this location, let me


Metric certificate (statement), the logbook:
This is to certify that the register (database records), an antique desk ??
church (name illegible), which is now stored (logbook records) in
Mihaylovskaya (?) Church (Sanctuary) in the village? (Name of the village
is incomprehensible), u? from the city?? in the province during the year
1881, the number 40 is written in the next act (certificate of
"Year one thousand eight hundred eighty-one in November, the tenth day of
his birth in the same month, and was baptized Iosif (Yosif). Fridrih
Pospichil their parents, Bohemia, with Russian citizenship in the province"
Petrokovskaya "villager (farmers ) in the village Mihaylovka ???.
Yelizaveta his wife, the daughter of Cech name Karl Petrak, farmer
Mihaylovka ?? religious faith is a two-Czech Republic [unintelligible, then
two lines? text]. baptism ceremony was presided over by the priest of the
Gulga Czech village (?) March 20, 1891
[Then follows the signing of a priest] "
Hi there
Dima Shevchenko and his wife Anna

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