[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German speakers from Aalsce/Lorraine to Volhenia

Sigrid Pohl Perry perry1121 at aol.com
Mon Feb 15 18:36:08 PST 2016

Hi Kenneth,

As you know, the name Mroch is quite rare and not only in Volhynian 
records so far available to us. But you might want to explore some 
information closer than Alsace Lorraine. Looking on the 
www.geneteka.genealodzy.pl site, you can search by surname. Although 
there are a very few Mroch individuals in other provinces, there are 
many in Pomorskie, i.e. Pommerania/Pommern:

B/D/M: pomorskie     65     53     61  out of   80     63     68 for ALL 
provinces that they have indexed. Many of our ancestors, immigrated to 
this region in northern Poland from areas further west in Germany, but 
their descendents kept moving south and east for land ownership and 
other reasons until they settled further south in Russian Poland or 
Volhynia. I don't see an Alwine there, but there are more Mroch families 
than in any other region.

May this give you some hope to keep looking.
Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 2/15/2016 6:02 PM, Kenneth Browne wrote:
> On 02/15/2016 03:21 PM, Gary Tober wrote:
>> Given that there was no historically large movement from the German 
>> speaking French areas, the possibility cannot simply be swept away.
> I  can't comment on most of Gary's post but the mention of Alsace 
> Lorraine struck a nerve. My ggf was a German born in Rozhysche and 
> married
> to Alvine (or Irina, or Alwine) Mroch (or Mrock) and my first family 
> lore reference to my ggm indicated that she was from Alsace Lorraine. 
> I have
> found no trace of her or her parents, ancestors in Europe. Only 
> documentation I have on her is U.S. census, her Cook County Illinois 
> death record, and her name on birth certificates of her children.
> I have a wedding photo of my ggparents but nothing else about ggm 
> Alvine's origins.
> There's an Alsatian-American list on rootsweb but I've only had some 
> tantalyzing posts that proved unfruitful.
> I don't give up but just don't know where to go next.

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