[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Alsace

Linda Bowen lindakbowen at cox.net
Wed Feb 17 13:30:15 PST 2016

I have a situation in my father's side in which  the son of my 
Grandfather's brother  lied about where he was born.
His draft registration,  US naturalization, and various census records 
indicate he was born in Strasbourg, Alsace Lorraine  when in fact he was 
born in Gross Gluscha , Volhynia.
The only record that gives his actual birth location was the ships 
record which indicates he was born in Russia.
He also changed his name to Ross  and began using his middle name Edward 
instead of Adolph.

These records could really throw someone beginning their research now a 
real curve ball.

I've recently discovered that his paternal great Grandmother was born in 
Kriegsfeld, Germany which is not all that far from the Alsace Lorraine 
area of France.

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