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Hello, Ms Brymora:

I knew about Piotrków Trybunalski, located slighty south east of Łódż, near mid-Poland. But I was completely unaware of your Pietrykaŭ in southern Belaurus.

My known immigrant family came to the USA in three batches. 

* They all left from Bremen in Germany, arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, and went right to Cleveland, Ohio. 

* They initially gave their origins as Preußia and later on, as Germany. 

* They were Lutherans in Cleveland, but I don't know what religion they followed before coming over.

BATCH 1, my GF:

Julius Ewert ---> Everett (1867-1942). Arrived in Baltimore 22 April 1891 aboard the SS Weimar.

--- He married 1891 in Cleveland to: Wilhelmine-2 [there are about 30 surnames given for her in all the documents] (1874-1938). I do not know when or where she was born, who her parents were, or when she came to Cleveland.
--- They had 14 children all born in Cleveland, 13 of which reached adulthood.

BATCH 2, Julius' brother:

August-2 Ewert ---> Evert (1869-1941). Arrived in Baltimore 11 August 1892 aboard the SS Gera.

--- He married twice to the same woman, by 1898, place unknown, and 1922 in Cleveland: Bertha Papke (~1877-1936). Parents, place, and date of birth unknown. Unknown when she first immigrated to the USA.
    (Bertha went on to marry Jacab Tischmacher {Cleveland?} who went on to murder her and then commit suicide by decapitation from lying on nearby railroad tracks. Now THAT's a family story!
--- They had about 5 child, two who reached adulthood. These known child were born in the USA, Kentucky and Cleveland.

BATCH 3 (the BIG batch - 13 people), they all arrived in Baltimore 28 November 1899 aboard the S.S. München:

AUGUST-1 Ewert [my GGF, Julius' daddy] (1840-1929). Born in "Preußia", parents and place unknown. 
WILHELMINE-1 [several surnames found for her in the documents] [my GGM, Julius' mommy] (1847-1930). Born in "Germany". Parents and place of birth unknown. The couple had 6 known children, all of whom came to Cleveland. If any went elsewhere or was left behind, I don't know.

ELISABETH Ewert [daughter of August 1 & Wilhelmine 1, Julius' sister] (1872-1955). Born in "Germany". Place of birth unknown. 
--- Married 1 to HERMAN Reinholz in Europe. The couple had 2 known children.
GOTTFRIED FREDERICK or FREDERICK GOTTFRIED Schröder ---> Schroeder (1872-1924). Married 2 to Elisabeth. Born in "Germany". Parents and place of birth unknown. The couple had 9 children, 7 of whom were born in Cleveland.
HERMAN Reinholz [son of Elisabeth & Herman Reinholz] (1895-1974). Born in "Schonberg, Germany". 
JULIUS Reinholz ---> Reynolds ["  "  "  "] (1896-<1955). Born "Germany".
PAUL HENRY Schröder ---> Schroeder [son of Elisabeth & Gottfried] (1897- ~1971). Born "Weisenberg, Germany".
OTTO AUGUST Schröder ---> Schroeder ["  "  "  "]  (1899-1931). Born "Germany".

AUGUSTE Ewert [daughter of August-1 & Wilhelmine-1] (1877-1938). Born "Germany".
--- Married 2 IGNAC Mahdal {Cleveland?}. The couple had no children. He was married before.
WILHELM Grunschalski [husband 1 of Auguste, divorced] (1875-1961). Born "Germany". Parents and place of birth unknown. The couple had 4 known children.
ANNA Grunschalski [daughter of Auguste & Wilhelm] (1899-<1938). born "Germany".

HERMAN Ewert ---> Evert [son of August-1 & Wilhelmine-1, Julius' brother] (1883-1962). Born "Germany".

FRITZ Ewert ---> FRED Evert ["  "  "  "] (1888-1947). Born "Rosenberg, Germany".

Thank you for looking out for these people, Julia


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 There is also Pietrykau. . .

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