[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] mining in Riga prior to migration

Richard Benert benovich at live.com
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Dear Mauricio,

I suspect that you bookmarked this page because of the article about a 
letter from one "Fritzis Kruhse," who fled "inner Russia" (not necessarily 
Volhynia) to seek a more human life elsewhere, wanting to go from Riga to 
Brazil.  The trip was unpleasant from beginning to end. Promises were always 
broken.  After an unpleasant stay in the Jewish quarter in London for 10 
days, in which apparently husbands and wives were separated, they were 
shipped to Cherbourg, emerging from the lower depths of the ship smelling 
like herring, then loaded onto a ship to Sao Paulo, forced to sleep on dirty 
mattresses on the deck, given only 3 potatoes and half a herring to eat, 
forced to pay high prices for the services of an incompetent doctor.  In Sao 
Paulo the colonial director had to be paid for land that the seller had not 
himself seen, and finally the colony Neu-Odessa turned out to look like a 
barren desert.  "Day and night there was crying and complaining without end: 
deceived, deceived, deceived."

I hope, at least, that this was why you bookmarked this page!

Dick Benert

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hi list

I had this on my bookmarks and it is to do with Riga and I'm pretty sure
related to Volhynia.
Was wondering what it says and if it has any useful historical information
for us?


I have records of some on my tree who went to work in Riga on mining.

Reinhold Haenscke born in RZ on my tree went to Riga, then Brazil. Went
back to Europe and finally Canada.
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