[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Old German newspapers - in Latvian National Library

Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 06:10:20 PST 2016

To the list,

Following Eduard Kommers' query about the Rigasche Rundschau article on
mining, I poked around the website and found that the Latvian National
Library has many digitized German language periodicals/newspapers.  I
searched for WOLHYNIEN and it spit out 2265 hits in many different
publications. Obviously some are not going to be of genealogical use, but
others might give some background on the time and place. Please note that a
number of the publications are in Fraktur - the old German script.

Might be worth a browse also for those searching for WARTHEGAU - there were
4 hits that referred to the Wolhynien Germans who had been moved to
Warthegau in 1940.


One issue describes the distress of Wolhynians in 1926 due to the Polish
Government's changes regarding leased land and land ownership based on
citizenship.  Probably explains why so many left Wolhynia in these years
between the world wars.

*"Deutsche Not in Wolhynien"  (German distress in Wolhynia)*


An article in 1908 on the Rigasche Zeitung talks about the emigration of
German colonists - sometimes a whole village.

I am also checking out items relating to the 1915 deportation of Wolhynian
Germans to Siberia, although I expect names will not be listed.  Still the
subject matter on the routes taken, the numbers involved would be
interesting.   The search engine does permit searching by decade - noted on
the left border.

Some of the titles of the articles are headed "INLAND", which I have
discovered refers to reports from the "Interior", Latvia falling under the
Russian Empire, I gather.

Will also check out "FLÜCHTLINGE" - refugees for both the 1915 and 1940-45

I will be browsing for a while....

The Home Page is also avlb in English
*but *any online books require registration for limited use if the material
is avlb free on line.  I have not researched in detail if there are costs
as I was interested only in the newspapers/periodicals.

Hope some of these sources are useful.....


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