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Hi Mauricio,

Ludmilpol is in Wladimir-Wolhynsk parish as I'm sure you know.  There is a
birth of Alfred Noerenberg on 10 July 1903 at Ludmilpol, parents Johann
Noerenberg & Juliane Braun - is this your family?  Lutzk Archive has some of
the post 1900 Wladimir records but, unfortunately, 1904 and 1905 are
missing.  Also, AGAD does not have these years either although they have an 
alphatetical index of births for the years 1897 - 1915 which is not 
available online.  AGAD will do a search but it will have only the name of 
the child, the year of birth, and maybe the father's name.

There is a village Oluka a little southwest of Torczyn - on Jerry Frank's 
map C, right at the bottom.


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When my family left Bremen in 1908, they recorded Olyka as their last place
of residence.

I have my family records up to 1903 in Ludmilpol (it says they were living
in Ludmilpol).

Then I have a missing birth certificate from circa 1906 so I believe they
moved out from Ludmilpol.
I couldn't find anything on Luck either.

I am struggling to find out which archives I should be looking into but it
seems quite obvious it is Luck Parish hence Luck Archives in Ukraine,
accordingly to SGGEE.

However in the map, Olyka seems quite close to Rowno too. It's exaclty in
the middle between Luck and Rowno. Is it possible that I will find
information on Rowno archives too? Or should I focus on Luck archives?

When I mean archives I mean I want to have a researcher in Ukraine to find
more historical info, not only the birth certificate.

The missing birth certificate however is from Paul Nörenbeg son of Johann
and Julianna and I believe his birth date was around 1905/1906.

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