[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] requesting record search from Piotrokov Tribulanski

Omar Welke omar_welke at bell.net
Sat Feb 27 05:21:09 PST 2016

Hello fellow researchers:
New to the list. Returning actually from a few years break from Genealogy. I am in the process of trying to further trace my Welke Family in the Belchatow/Kleszczhew parishes.
I have been to the Piotrokov Parish website http://www.piotrkow.luteranie.pl/index.php/ksiegi-metrykalne/ and they hold the records for the years I am looking for. 
 księgi chrztów/urodzeń —> 1830 – 1869 oraz od 1945
 księgi ślubów —> 1838 – 1883 oraz od 1951
 księgi zgonów —> 1837 – 1882 oraz od 1951
 księgi z lat 1869 – 1939 dostępne w USC w Bełchatowie

My question. Has anyone dealt with this parish and/or requested record searches? If so, what was the cost and whom did you deal with.
Thank you for any pointers.
Omar Welke
Researching: Welke, Krebs, Pufahl, Krassin and related families.

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