[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] TASK FORCE PROPOSAL

Caroline Brymora carolinebrymora at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 12:21:20 PST 2016

Hello Eduardo,

I am only a new member, but I think that is a fantastic idea.

Maybe a list in a group file, someone would need to maintain it, the ideas
can be kept in there.  Members spend time one project at a time, whether it
takes a week or six weeks, or whatever - work on a project till there's
nothing more, then start the next one.

It would need to be carefully managed with only one subject line in the
email, to keep the messages in order.  Maybe TASK FORCE CHALLENGE #1
KOMMERS and so on....

I love the fresh challenge of looking something up and solving the puzzle,
I think many genealogists like to do this... And if your own research has
come to a dead end, helping someone out can re-ignite the spark to look

Caroline (in Australia - researching Poland/Ukraine/German ancestors from
the other side of the world)

On Thursday, January 7, 2016, Eduardo Kommers <eduardo.kommers at gmail.com>

> Dear SGGEE friends and members,
> I've been part of this wonderful group more than 10 years and several times
> I see questions from many of us (including mine, about the Kommers family)
> apparently without solution. I see everybody here trying to help each other
> but sometimes it seems the help comes sparsely contemplated. We know that
> genealogy research is not easy, even for our gen-gurus (and I know we have
> many in the list). Besides, everyone has a job, family and the time
> dedicated to genealogy is short for many of us.
> So, taking all these points into account I would like to propose a TASK
> FORCE in this group to solve the puzzles one by one, name by name, place by
> place. We all should converge to the same issue and try to solve it. So, we
> would have many hands working in different databases, places, languages and
> so on. I believe the answers will come faster and our energy together will
> produce great results.
> Please, let me know your comments about this suggestion.
> Best regards,
> Eduardo Kommers
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