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Evert Moes malkata at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 6 22:02:46 PST 2016

A very novel idea Eduardo!  You have obviously thought about this a great deal, and I for one would appreciate some more details about what you came up with.  I'm prepared to help if at all possible!
Evert Moes:


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Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 17:36:30 -0200
From: "Eduardo Kommers"
Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] TASK FORCE PROPOSAL
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Dear SGGEE friends and members,

I've been part of this wonderful group more than 10 years and several times
I see questions from many of us (including mine, about the Kommers family)
apparently without solution. I see everybody here trying to help each other
but sometimes it seems the help comes sparsely contemplated. We know that
genealogy research is not easy, even for our gen-gurus (and I know we have
many in the list). Besides, everyone has a job, family and the time
dedicated to genealogy is short for many of us.
So, taking all these points into account I would like to propose a TASK
FORCE in this group to solve the puzzles one by one, name by name, place by
place. We all should converge to the same issue and try to solve it. So, we
would have many hands working in different databases, places, languages and
so on. I believe the answers will come faster and our energy together will
produce great results.

Please, let me know your comments about this suggestion.

Best regards,
Eduardo Kommers


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