[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pomeranian colonists 1754

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Wed Jan 13 19:52:09 PST 2016

Very interesting.

I have a strong suspection mine all came from Swedish-Pomerania (my DNA
test also points a strong finger to Sweden)
Also some of mine were living in Pomerania just before migration to Brazil
as late as 1914, why did they go there for?

I did find just a lead

Stolpe a. "In der Loitz", later named Podewilshausen after Min. v.
Podewils, founded before 1751 for 16 colonists from Mecklenburg and
Swedish-Pomerania. 1. Joh. Christoph Schoenrock, 2. Christ. Bruendel, 3.
Jochim Hinrich Wacke, 4. Joh. Wacke, 5. Samuel Peters, 6. Mich. Bartels, 7.
Michel Boelck, 8. Mich Thurow, 9. Joh. Gloede, 10. Erdmann Koepenick, 11.
Jac. Schultz, 12. Christ. Binning, 13. Gottlieb Boelcke, 14. Ckhrist.
Volckmann, 15. David Groth, 16. Christ. Noerenberg

On 14 January 2016 at 16:35, Beatrix Hughes <beatrix.hughes at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone,
> I just finished reading a very interesting article that was posted to the
> Black Sea Germans website and thought I would share it here. I believe that
> many of my relatives moved to Russian Poland from Pomerania but I don't
> have any solid proof yet. This article is a treasure trove of information
> and lists names of colonists who settled in Pommerania in the 1750s. I
> didn't have much luck finding my names but hopefully there is someone on
> this list that can!
> It is such a great read and gives so much insight into their villages. I
> love how some of the colonists have notes beside their names like "prone to
> drunkeness" or "bad farmer".
> http://www.blackseagr.org/pdfs/konrad/Pomeranian%20Colonies%20and%20Colonists%20-%201754.pdf
> (If the link doesn't work go to the Black Sea Germans site and find the
> research section and click on "Before South Russia - --Poland" "Research"
> "Resettlement" and find Colonists from Pomerania)
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