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Rudi Jedan ruedan at aol.com
Thu Jan 14 15:56:03 PST 2016

Eduardo, a dash or tilde over letters like m or n is a sign of repetition.
It is used since the former latin script changed to german writing, especially
in the german Kurrent writing, were the mm and nn letters had a bad 
reading effect, especially, when the text is written in a fast way. I gave you
to examples: 

bad or fast written:

and clearly written:

Rudi Jedan

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Dear friends,


The name KOMMERS was written sometimes with one "M" with a dash over the
letter, meaning a double "M". I see this happening with the letter N as

Some years ago I made this question here but I think I lost these messages.

Is anyone here aware of this grammatical situation involving German-Russian
family names? Where did it come from?


Eduardo Kommers




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