[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Translate Name

juliasgenes juliasgenes at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 20:28:00 PST 2016

If you still need help, I have some suggestions for you.

1. Old German, a message board: You can upload an image of the document there, too. It used be much busier, though. Maybe it will spark up again. - http://boards.rootsweb.com/topics.ethnic.language.oldgerman/mb.ashx

2. If you Facebook, perhaps you can find a similar service there. (I do not Facebook, so I don't know.)

3. Germany-Passenger-Lists, a mailing list. The German members are very nice about translations and context. - http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/intl/DEU/GERMANY-PASSENGER-LISTS.html

All the best genealogical luck, Julia

On Mon, 1/18/16, Richard O. Schienke <otto at schienke.com> wrote:
 . . .spelling closely. . .ends with a period. . . a statement. Try the Polish "Nie ochrzczę” = "I do not baptize” ‘nieochrzcz.’ Maybe. . .

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