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Great link, Helen! Thanks for sharing. 
The Russian Mennonites share a lot of troubled history with 
the German Volhynians. I've been invited me to do book signings 
at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach, Manitoba on August 1st. 
The village features a windmill that's not quite what my grandfather's would 
have been like, but still very interesting. 
Both my books Red Stone and Broken Stone feature kulaks and have much 
in common with Mennonite histories. 

Another must-read about those times featuring Mennonites is Sandra Birdsell's 
The Russlander. Published back in 2001. 
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Hi all, 

Browsing the Net again....... 

Although Western author, Henry Friesen, writes about his Mennonite roots 
in Poland, the Ukraine and South Russia, there are probably many stories 
about his ancestors' lives that would parallel your own ancestors. His 
website (see below) has maps from the book that might be of interest as 


plus his website, as noted in the Regina Leader-Post article 

Disclaimer: I have no personal connection to him or his ancestors - but 
perhaps others might find it of interest) 

Helen Gillespie 
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