[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Interesting Ozerkow Record

Manfred Hensel manfred.hensel at koeln.de
Wed Jul 20 13:04:22 PDT 2016

I´m just unsure whether you reference to the marriage record in Ozorkow
no.64/1825 I´ve told you.
If so, the bad news first: there are no locations mentioned where the
bride or the groom came from!
Am 20.07.2016 um 13:53 schrieb Chris Menke:
> I find this marriage record to be very interesting because it references other places. Like my post the other day, this involves family Schlodinski. 
> I always knew there were 2 main clans of this family: one from Ratzebuhr, Pomerania, and one from Culm, Prussia. They are probably related, and some went to Volhynia. I didn't know about the Ozerkow branch until I started looking at these records. 
> So the interesting thing about this marriage record, is it makes reference to Ratzeburh, Pommern; Szubin, Posen; and Bromberg. That is all I can make out. If I could get someone to translate it, I would appreciate it!    Thanks in advance,    Chris Menke

No.64, Ozorkow
Ozorków on 15th of October 1825 at 11 o´clock in the morning
(Parish Ozorków, Zgierz / Łęczyca Province of Warsaw)
witness: Gottlieb SCHLADYNSKI, 26 y, weaver (cloth maker) resident in
Kristoph KRÜGER, 29 y, weaver (cloth maker) resident in Ozorków and
Johann GULLNIG, weaver (cloth maker) resident in Ozorków
groom: Johann Daniel SCHLADYNSKI, single/unmarried, weaver (cloth maker)
resident in Ozorków, 21 (or27?)y
no location of birth noted,
his parents: Martin SCHLADYNSKI, weaver (cloth maker) and Dorothy
Elisabeth (no maiden name)
bride: Barbara Elisabeth SCHLADYNSKI, 22 y, resident in Ozorkow, no
information about location of birth,
her parents: Peter SCHLADYNSKI, weaver (cloth maker) and Anna Maria (no
maiden name)
first proclamation on 25th of september, second proclamation on 2nd of
october 1825

Even if tolerating SCHLODINSKI == SCHLADYNSKI I do not believe that this
marriage fits to the birth in 1827
I´ve provide you the translation yesterday but to one of the other birth
records later.

Kind regards

Manfred Hensel
51107 Köln

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