[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Maslaki Marriages 1860-1899

Gordon Poley gpoles2 at cox.net
Sat Jun 18 03:51:56 PDT 2016

If you have been researching ancestors who may have been from the Maslaki area, you know that records after 1859 are unavailable without actually accessing the archives in Poland.  Yesterday I discovered that the Poznan Project ( http://poznan-project.psnc.pl/ ) contains references to many (all??) of the marriages from 1860 to 1899.

Unfortunately, only some contain first names, parents’ names, and/or ages.  However, by doing an advanced search with the additional search criteria set to the area of Maslaki and the date range set to 1860 to 1899 one searching for desired combinations of last names may find source references for marriages they may need.  At least I did.

Happy hunting.
Gordon Poley

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