[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Records for East Prussia

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Wed Mar 2 10:55:38 PST 2016


       I didn't see anyone answer your mail.

       Most of the surviving East Prussian church books are now in
 Berlin, and have been microfilmed by the LDS.

      Sdorren was in Johannisburg parish - the church books have
 been filmed twice, once by the Nazis, and once by the LDS. The LDS
 films are usually easier to use, the organisation of the Nazi-era
 filmings can take a lot of effort to understand before you can
 find anything. (You can borrow both sets of films from the LDS).

      In many years the town books and the countryside books were
 kept separate; look in the Land books for Sdorren.

      I would think Jansburg is Johannisburg itself.

      I expect Rakowo would be Rakowen, which might be in the
 Gross Rosinsko parish records, or in the Kumilsko church books.
 For those two parishes, the Nazi-era filmings may be your only

      If you need help to find the film numbers,
 get in touch.

               Hope this helps
                    Paul Rakow

On Thu, February 25, 2016 20:30, Christine Dowd wrote:
> Hello,
> My grandfather was Piotr Medyn/Meding/Medyng/Medynk was from Lachowo and
> Grabowo in Kolno area. What I just discovered is that family lore was
> correct, and they were originally from East Prussia. The Evangelical
> Augsberg records from ?om?a state they came from Rakowo, Jansburg, and
> Zdórach  (which I think is is Sdorren on the Kartenmeister Johannesburg
> map).
> I do not see that there are LDS records, unless I am looking incorrectly.
> Where would I find records for this area of East Prussia?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Christine Medyn Dowd
> _______________________________________________

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