[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] assistance with place names

Omar Welke omar_welke at bell.net
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Thank you all for the very good guidance. 

I think I have nailed down the places. 

By the by, I am looking into a possible lead for the births of my
Ggggrandfather/Ggggrandmother and part of their family in this area.


Gottfryd (Friedrich) Krebs -- born about 1819  Dambrowa, Gostynin.  Farmer
in Nadbiel in 1861.

Anna (Karoline) Kuhn -- born about 1818 Georgenthal, Gostynin

Married 23 Nov 1836 Gostynin


Karolina Krebs -- born 19 Apr 1840 Holendry, Sokolowski, Gostynin

Anna Justine Krebs -- born 20 Mar 1843 Holendry, Sokolowski, Gostynin


I would gather that if any records of this family could be found they would
be part of the Gostynin Parish? And was the Gostynin area a transit point
for families moving east. If these are my Ggggrandparents, they moved on to
the Nadbiel/Radzymin/Warchau area between 1843 and 1846, the year August
Krebs was born in Nadbiel (birth record and translation graciously provided
by Jan Textor some years ago) . 

My own Gggrandfather Gottlieb Krebs, their first child I presume, was born
December 27, 1837 in an unknown location. His name and parentage come from a
family bible .. verified as authentic by my Grandmother Adolfine Krebs




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Besides the good information already provided by others on this list, you
could look Jerry Frank's Poland Maps in the members area of the SGGEE


You would want map PolK .



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Hello fellow researchers. I am trying to find the following locations and
find myself very confused . maybe someone can shed some light on where the
following places are.

Holendry, Sokolowski

Dambrowa, Gostynin

Georgenthal, Gostynin (I think I found this one just nw of Gostynin)

Any help is welcomed, 


Omar Welke

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