Irene Sinkovits cdnirene at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 12:18:29 PDT 2016

Privacy issues? LOL - For a special price a couple of years ago FTDNA analyzed my DNA raw data that I had obtained from 23andMe. Perhaps 23andMe should sue FTDNA.

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> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 09:58:24 -0400
> From: "MIKE MCHENRY" <maurmike1 at verizon.net>
> A message on the GEDMATCH website says:
> We regret we had to make the decision to stop accepting FTDNA DNA uploads.
> FTDNA has threatened to sue GEDmatch over claimed privacy issues. We have
> been asked not to discuss the details, because it would be to FTDNA's
> disadvantage. Suffice it to say that FTDNA's own site seems to currently
> violate these same issues.

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