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Thu Mar 17 13:04:39 PDT 2016

There's a lot of talk about this going on!

FTDNA wrote something on their Facebook page to say they have reached out
to Gedmatch. I can no longer see it, and they seem to have changed the
privacy settings of the Facebook group (interestingly, 12 hours ago the
page had over 6000 likes, now it has about 1000)

On Friday, 18 March 2016, Irene Sinkovits <cdnirene at gmail.com> wrote:

> Privacy issues? LOL - For a special price a couple of years ago FTDNA
> analyzed my DNA raw data that I had obtained from 23andMe. Perhaps 23andMe
> should sue FTDNA.
> > ---------------------------------------------
> > Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 09:58:24 -0400
> > From: "MIKE MCHENRY" <maurmike1 at verizon.net <javascript:;>>
> >
> > A message on the GEDMATCH website says:
> >
> > We regret we had to make the decision to stop accepting FTDNA DNA
> uploads.
> > FTDNA has threatened to sue GEDmatch over claimed privacy issues. We have
> > been asked not to discuss the details, because it would be to FTDNA's
> > disadvantage. Suffice it to say that FTDNA's own site seems to currently
> > violate these same issues.
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